Is your business struggling to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on your website?

Total Team Feedback is here to revolutionize the way your teams communicate and collaborate on website improvements.

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What is Total Team Feedback?

Total Team Feedback is a tool designed to improve the way you gather feedback from your team about your website. A widget is added to your website and is only visible to your team members. They can click the widget on any given page that has out-of-date content or needs an update, and from there, quickly provide feedback and create a ticket specific to that page. It offers a simple and streamlined workflow designed to get the feedback you need.

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 Direct & Efficient Communication

Say goodbye to complex feedback processes. Our Total Team Feedback widget appears for your staff, allowing them to easily report issues with a single click. No more confusion or delays just direct and efficient communication.

Easy Setup

Getting started is a breeze! With just one line of JavaScript added to your web pages, the Total Team Feedback widget becomes an integral part of your website. No extensive training or technical expertise required.

How it Works

  1. Simple Integration: Start by adding the Total Team Feedback widget to your website. A single line of JavaScript is all it takes to kickstart seamless collaboration.
  2. Exclusive Visibility for Staff: The widget is tailored to be visible only to your team members. When your staff identifies an issue while browsing the website, the widget becomes their direct link to collaboration.
  3. Easy Feedback Submission: Your team members click the widget, accessing a user-friendly interface to create a new ticket. The page they were on is automatically loaded, offering precise context for the reported issue.
  4. Ticket Creation: With just a few clicks, your staff provides the necessary information, and there you have it! A new ticket is generated, capturing details efficiently. The process is streamlined to ensure your team’s insights are recorded without hassle.

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Empower your team with Total Team Feedback and transform the way your business handles website updates. Ensure your website is always at its best by fostering clear communication and swift issue resolution.